bride and groom at Upper House Hayfield wedding

Upper House Hayfield Wedding Video – Kerri-Anne and Rob

Upper House Hayfield

This was our first wedding at this stunning Peak District wedding venue. Kerri-Anne and Rob’s big day was an awesome introduction to Upper House Hayfield, a great emotional and fun day.

Aerial view of Upper House Hayfield wedding venue
The wedding venue – Upper House Hayfield

Getting Ready

Upper House Hayfield offer some luxurious 2-day packages. With these the bride and groom can enjoy the day before the wedding with some of their guests. Activities include relaxing and enjoying the surrounding as well as wine tasting etc. So when I arrived on the wedding day morning, I found Kerri-Anne and the girls in a relaxed mood getting ready in one of the cottages.

Bride preparations wedding video still
Kerri-Anne getting ready in one of the luxurious cottages

Outdoor Ceremony under the Solstice Arch

In England it’s not legally possible to have a truly outdoor wedding, the bride, groom and registrars need to be under some kind of roof, even if the guests are sat outside. So, a great option here is using the Solstice Arch at the front of the house, where there’s just enough room for all the essential people (including me and their excellent photographer, Natalie from Agnes Black Photography).

After the lovely emotional ceremony, we had confetti. This was followed by plenty of time for Kerri-Anne, Rob and their guests to chill out, have a drink and enjoy some canap├ęs.

Confetti after marriage ceremony
Confetti after the outdoor marriage ceremony!

Same Day Edit Wedding Film

Kerri-Anne and Rob opted for our very popular Same Day Edit package. I edit the film while the couple and their guests are relaxing having their wedding breakfast (very tasty fillet steak in this case, thanks for providing a portion for me). I bring along my own HD projector, screen and PA system. These are set up in the Great Hall at Upper House Hayfield, for everyone to enjoy before the first dance. The film really captured the emotion of the day, and many people were tears as they watched the film:

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